Cardi B Wins The Case And The Slanders Can Now End

We continue to share with you the case between Cardi B and Kebe from the very beginning to the end. Known for her YouTube channel UnWineWithTashaK, Kebe has created and shared multiple videos claiming Cardi B is a prostitute, caught herpes and used cocaine. The jury found her responsible for defamation and breach of privacy, and Kebe was ordered to pay the rapper approximately $4 million.

In social media, some publishers, without knowing the ethical principles, throw many celebrities in front of people with fake news or slanders for the purpose of promoting themselves and creating the agenda. Cardi B proved her right here and Kebe was punished as a precedent. We think the laws should be tougher on people who disregard their ethics and morals.

It shouldn’t be this easy to defame people and damage their image with rumors and fake news.

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Daniel Powell, Minc Law’s managing attorney, told Vice, “This argument really should give [YouTubers] some pause [if they] think that they are completely insulated from any repercussions from what they may say online.” said.

Cardi B Case Could Be Precedent

Tasha K has been ordered to pay $1.5 million in $4 million in punitive damages and will stand before other people as a precedent.

“Punitive damages are not meant to compensate the plaintiff. They’re intended to punish the defendant—to send a message to the community, to be a deterrent for future conduct like this,” said Powell. “The jury verdict signals that jurors, [who] represent society, are recognizing the dangers these attacks could cause.”

“If you are a public figure that pushes this image and this lifestyle for likes and views in a way to make money in our society, then I, and we, have the duty to exercise our First Amendment right as traditional media and new age media analysts to say, No, this ain’t it.”

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