Cardi B Working on Lil’ Kim Collab

Cardi B said she wanted to collaborate with Lil’ Kim for her album.

She also added that they want to do a mixtape with her husband Offset.

“What I really wanted to do was like an ‘Aunt Dot’ with her (Lil’ Kim’s 2014 track with Lil’ Shanice) but then I’m kinda debating, is that gonna be a little bit outdated? I just want the song I do with her, I want it to be like a super great comeback, I just do n’t want to put her on my album on a song and it ‘s like, ‘Cool, yeah, she had a Lil’ Kim feature. ‘I want this to be like her insane moment.”

“It just has to be, ‘Oh my god, they’re a great duo.’ That’s what I really want with Kim, like something that just makes sense.”

In another recent interview, Cardi B also talked about her plans for a full-length collaboration with Migos member Offset after working together on “Clout” from Offset’s 2019 project “Father of 4”.

They also want to make a Spanish album in the future.

“I feel like that’s more pressure to me than anything, because that Latin world, they want it, but I feel like it’s not as easy as people think,” she said. “It’s like, ‘Oh, you speak Spanish, you can just do a Spanish song.’ No. ‘Cause they’re a little bit different. That’s a different world right there but I wanna try it. Fuck it.”

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Cardi B Praises Kanye West

She praised Kanye West for collaborating on her latest song “Hot Shit”

Cardi B joined New Music Daily Radio with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. Lowe interviewed Cardi to promote her new single “Hot Shit” featuring Lil Durk and Kanye West. The video chat also mentioned Cardi’s new collaboration with Kanye. Also, Cardi suggested that people should get to know Kanye better.

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