Cardi B's second child from Offset was born

Cardi B’s second child from Offset was born

Cardi B and Offset couple gave the good news with their social media sharing. The couple accepted the congratulations, sharing photos with their newborn child on Monday evening.

Cardi B confirmed the birth date of their baby as 9/4/21 in the statement she shared, while the name of the couple’s baby remains unknown.

She shocked everyone by announcing that she is pregnant with her second child at the BET awards on June 27.

Offset, one of the founders of Migos, shared the birth of their children with the announcement of ‘Chapter 5‘. Offset has 3 children from a previous relationship. The eldest son Jordan, 11 daughters Kody, 6 and Kalea, 6 years old.

After Cardi B Kulture’s Birth, She Joined Jimmy Kemmel Live and Shared Birth Experiences

Cardi B, who gave birth to her second child with Offset, participated in the TV show Jimmy Kemmel Live after the birth of their first child Kulture. Cardi B, who could not hide her happiness in the program, shared her experiences after giving birth with all her sincerity.

Here’s a little snippet of the program

-Jimmy: It is almost exactly 1 year ago you made your television debut right in this spot right here on this stage, how have things been going since then?

-Cardi B: Oh my god, it’s crazy.

-J: It’s pretty crazy, yeah has it been the craziest 12-month period of your life?

-Cardi B: It’s only been 12 months? I can’t believe it.

-J: It’s really hard to fathom. You’re a mom now, you got a little baby at home.

-Cardi B: Yes

-J: Are you enjoying that?

-Cardi B: Yes, I am enyoing it. It’s the best. It’s like, oh my gosh should have had you when I was a teenager.

-J: On Sunday you tweeted something like, will you be mad at me if I got pregnant again? I don’t think people would be mad about that.

Cardi B: Well, you know. People have mixed feelings.

-J: Do they have mixed feelings? How many kids do you want to have?

-Cardi B: Hmm, three or four.

-J: Three or four, that’s a nice number, yeah. And you don’t feel like, oh, I need to rest for a while, I need to take it easy?

-Cardi B: I do. I do need a rest. But oh my god. Like the happiness that my baby brought me. I could do this over and over again.

-J: Was childbirth easier or harder than you imagined it would be?

Cardi B: It was totally harder. She broke my vagina.

-J: Oh, really, yeah. That’s a rude thing for her to do.

Cardi B: Yes.

-J: I was worried about stepping on a crack and breaking my mother’s back.

Cardi B: You know, why nobody told you about those things?

-J: Nobody told you that?

-Cardi B: Nobody told me they were going to stitch my vagina. People be like, oh, when you give birth it’s going to hurt.

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