Chloe Bailey Reveals Release Date For Her Debut "Have Mercy"

Chloe Bailey Reveals Release Date For Her Debut “Have Mercy”

The American R&B singer Chloe Bailey, who is also known for her career in Chloe x Halle with her sister, has revealed the release date for her debut single, titled Have Mercy.

As some of you know, Chloe Bailey was raised in mid-2012 with her sister Halle Bailey and moved to Los Angeles after reaching world success. Throughout her career with her sister, they’ve released two studio albums in the band. While debut album has released in 2018, their second studio album has unleashed in 2020.

These days, Chloe Bailey is sure to move her music to the next level. Besides her career with her sister, Chloe has been working hard on solo stuff. And finally, she made her fans happy with the release date for her debut single, Have Mercy.

When Will Chloe Bailey Release Have Mercy?

(image: Chloe Cailey IG)

If you are one of those who asks when will Chloe Bailey release Have Mercy, you are in right place. In a recent announcement she made through her social media, Chloe stated that her debut single, Have Mercy, is set to release on September 10.

Bailey Discloses When She Started To Make The Project

In a brand new interview she’s given to discuss her future and her new solo album, Bailey stated that she started to make the project in 2019.

“I started working on this album in 2019, a month or two before the pandemic hit,” she said.

“I put a pause on it so my sister and I could promote Ungodly Hour, but in between I was in my bedroom creating at night. I’d be making my own beats and working on songs and ideas for this project that I knew would come, I just didn’t know when.”

Chloe Reveals Her Biggest Goal With The Album

(image: Chloe Cailey IG)

Elsewhere in the interview, Chloe has also discussed her biggest goal with her upcoming solo album. She expressed that she wants to let people see the real Chloe Bailey.

“Of course, I wanna get some hits with this project,” Chloe said. “That’s always a fun thing. But I just wanna have fun and let people get to see the real me.”

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