Chlöe Is Grateful To Be Compared To Beyonce

Chlöe Is Grateful To Be Compared To Beyonce

The American R&B star Chlöe Bailey has reacted to her fans’ comparing her to the twenty-eight-time Grammy Award-winner rapper Beyonce after she released her debut single Have Mercy from her upcoming debut solo album.

Chlöe Bailey, known mononymously as Chlöe, is an American musician who was raised in Mableton firstly. As some of you might agree, their world success together with her sister Hailey is based on the fact that they uploaded a Beyonce cover Best Thing I Never Had to their YouTube accounts when they were just 13 and 11 years old.

Recently, the rapper has broken her silence about her compare to Beyonce while interviewing with Breakfast Club. Saying that she loves her so much, Chlöe added that this is the biggest compliment she received from people.

“I love her so much and we talk about any and everything,” Chlöe says for Beyonce. “I’m just so grateful to have her stamp of approval and she always gives me words of encouragement – you have no idea how much that means to me.

“That’s the biggest compliment anyone could possibly give me. I have so much more work to do to even get there – to even get an ounce of where she is.”

Chlöe Says Beyonce Is Proud Of Her

Elsewhere in the interview, Chlöe has continued by revealing what Beyonce thinks about her. When the interviewer asked her whether Beyonce thinks Chlöe is feeding into those comparisons, the rapper said Beyonce is proud of her.

“She says she’s really proud of me,” Chlöe says. “That’s not something we specifically talk about but I just love her and I’m happy she sees this light inside of me, and my sister as well.”

She continued: “It’s like, ‘Okay, that’s pretty dope.’ Because she’s been there, she’s done that, and to know the advice that she’s giving me is exactly from the place I’ve been is pretty cool and inspiring.”

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