Chris Brown and Drake Argue Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over “No Guidance” Is ‘Baseless’

Drake and Chris Brown said the copyright infringement lawsuit against the 2019 songNo Guidancewasinadequate. ” Chris Brown and Drake are seeking a federal judge to dismiss the case, Billboard reported. The duo, who were unveiled by Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine in October, claimed the superstars bought their own songI Love Your Dressin 2016 and madeNo Guidance. ”

Cooper and Valentine allege Brown and Drakes play included the “Take itslander. James G. Sammataro, an attorney representing Drizzy and Breezy, denied the allegations, saying the testimony was too common to be within copyright law.

Sammataro added:

Im not going to let you get to The plaintiffscase is based entirely on an allegation of similarity to a general lyrical statement,” he said. “No one, including plaintiffs, can own or monopolize the copyrightedyou have receivedstatement, and it should come as no surprise that this statement appears in countless other works. ”

In October, Cooper and Valentines complaint listed other similarities between the songs, saying drake and browns trackI Love Your Dresswascopiedorderivedfrom the “beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metric layout and narrative context. ”

Chris Brown

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Sammataro dismissed that notion in his response, adding:

Im not going to do that.
The court can hear for itself that the total concept and feel of the songs is very different,” he wrote. “Plaintiffssong is a slow, R&B love song about the authors wife, featuring a vocalist and relatively few lyrics. In contrast, ‘No Guidanceis a faster, longer and sexually explicit rap and R&B song about a new romantic interest. ”

In addition, Sammataro said Cooper and Valentine failed to find songs that were mandatory in brown and drakes copyright infringement case, adding that the case was based onspeculative claims. ” DrakesNo Guidanceappeared on Chris Browns album Indigo in June 2019. The song peaked at number 5 in October 2019 and was later nominated for Best R&B Song at the Grammys.

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