Chris Brown Returns to His Memory

Chris Brown takes a journey through the memory lane.

In the more than a decade since his infamous feud with Drake, the Breezy singer seems to have revisited their storied past, whose mutual love interests began through Rihanna. In 2012, things escalated after a fight broke out between the two and their entourage at a nightclub in New York.

When asked about the controversy during an interview with “Drink Champs,” Chris downplayed their involvement.

“He wasn’t even between me and me to be real, we weren’t anywhere near each other when we had shit. It was just a lot of extra mayhem, against God. It was never a no, ‘Hey bro, meet me outside.’ It never was,” he told REVOLT.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Continues His Speeches

“It was just a misunderstanding on both ends. I’m not going to get into too many details, but Blood, he good though,” added Chris. “It was funny. When we actually sat and talked about it afterward, I was like, ‘What the f**k was we doing?’”

They eventually squashed the beef and reunited on stage during Drake’s “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour” in October 2018 before going on to release their hit collaboration “No Guidance” the following year.

“I think just some years went past. He actually had a show out here, he had brought me out to the show,” Chris recalled. “A lot of us have mutual friends so, ‘Hey, bro, they wanna squash, they wanna talk.’ So when I got on the phone, it was cool. My thing is, I don’t have to be engulfed in that ni**a world or anybody’s world and accept them for who they is. If it’s not impacting me directly, I don’t care.”

Chris admits that tensions were high at one point, but he’s grateful they were able to move on. “I’m glad we got past it because it was a time I wanted to kill your ass, but we got past it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chris shared his support for Young Thug and Gunna, who remain behind bars after being charged in a 56-count RICO indictment.

“Free them, them my brothers. I can’t speak on my brothers and them cases and what they got going on. I can only be who I’ve always been—their brother for life. It’s us, never them,” said Chris, who worked with Thug on 2020’s collaborative project Slime & B. “They was with my real family every day. We made that mixtape and that whole album just off a vibe. It wasn’t off of ‘let’s see how the world reacts.’ We just said look, we all fu**k with each other, we all family. Everybody speak the same lingo.”

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