Chris Brown Shares Verse Extracted From ‘New Again’ Song On His Instagram

Reactions to Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ album continue loudly. After claiming that Soulja Boy’s verse was removed, Chris Brown‘s similar situation brought up many question marks. The album, which has been the target of many good and bad reactions since its release, is on Chris Brown‘s radar this time.

Chris Brown, who attracted attention with his posts shortly after the release of the album, kept his silence until Saturday night. Chris Brown shared the deleted verse from Kanye West‘s song ‘New Again‘ on his Instagram account on Saturday night.

Chris Brown Instagram:  “The verse / chorus I mysteriously didn’t do!”

Brown, who recently shared ‘Kanye a whole hoe’ and ‘Nah he tweakin’ right after the release of the album, showed the reason for his reactions with this post.

Soulja Boy had a similar problem and also made his reactions look very harsh. He has taken his official Twitter account to blast Kanye West after he deleted him from Donda. In the tweet, there were some screenshots of text messages between Soulja Boyand Kanye West.

Previously, Soulja had sent nearly ten tweets to blasts Kanye West and showed off how he started to hate him after his disrespectful behavior.

Shortly after the moment, Soulja stated that he would release a Kanye West diss album.

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