Chris Brown Sued For $20 Million Over Alleged Rape

A $20 million lawsuit has been filed by a woman who says she drugged and raped by Chris Brown. The unidentified woman, who identifies herself as a choreographer, dancer, model and singer, claims the sexual assault took place on Diddy’s moored yacht on Miami’s Star Island on December 30, 2020. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the woman says Chris took her friend’s phone while she was on a FaceTime call and told her to come to the yachts.

When she arrived, Chris allegedly offered her a drink before retreating to the kitchen area on the yacht. When he got there, he says, he gave her a red cup with a mixed glass of booze and they started talking, he adds. After filling her cup, she claims, she began to feel asudden, unexplained change in his consciousnessand “began to be confused, physically unstable and falling asleep. ”

Thats when she says Chris took her to the bedroom and closed the bedroom door, robbed her and started kissing her. She claims she told him to stop, but insisted before standing up and explaining that he wasdoneand ejaculated into it.

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Chris Brown
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The documents say Chris Brown texted her the next day and told her he had a plan B. Her lawyers say she was unable to report the alleged rape to police at the time because she was a medical student and was ashamed.

But now shes suing Chris for $20 million in damages, claiming shes in serious emotional distress. Christeam did not respond to the allegations and remained silent. Last summer, a woman claimed theIffysinger slapped her in the back of the head so much that she pulled out her braid. A report of assault was filed and Chris was named as a suspect, but the L. A. City Attorneys Office declined to press charges because of insufficient evidence.

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