Coi Leray Expands Collaborations

Coi Leray is excited about her upcoming debut album. However, it has already collected major singles.

Coi collaborated on “Blick Blick” with rap queen Nicki Minaj earlier this month, and her career record has arrived. The single trended on social media and appeared on the Apple Music Charts.

Coi took to Twitter on Saturday, March 26.


Polo G supported Coi Leray after the concert in Houston in May 2021 that went viral with all the misunderstandings.

“That’s always how it b when u 1st come in Compared to when u really blow u gotta block that shit out & keep goin crazy u got it,” he tweeted.

He’s been working hard for Coi Leray’s debut scheduled for April 8th.

“No More Parties, Big prrd, Twinnem, Anxiety and now Blick Blick,” she began. “I want best new artist at the Grammys. Even a nomination . I’ll take it.” In a follow-up tweet, she laughed, “Oh yeah … and thanks to everyone who laughed at my XXL freestyle.”

Nicki Minaj And Coi Leray Discuss Sexuaity

In the immediate aftermath of the “Blick Blick” collaboration, Nicki Minaj hosted Coi Leray live on Instagram on Friday night. During their candid conversation, they got into some thangz, including a candid discussion about sexuality.

Nicki asked the 24-year-old rapper if she was a lesbian and replied, “No, I like dick.” Coi admitted to having sex with a woman, but doesn’t consider herself bisexual.

“No, I used to eat pussy. It wasn’t just for me,” he said. “After I was in it, that’s when I realized. Listen, this isn’t for me. It’s not my style.”

When it comes to sexual partners, Coi prefers men.

“You know what it is, I like the touch of a man. I like aggression, so a girl can’t give me that aggression.”

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