Coi Leray Requests Prayer for Her Father

Benzino continues to have a crisis on social media with Coi Leray. The 56-year-old media personality made a post on Twitter containing threats of violence.

Coi Leray reacted to the rhetoric against her father. On Thursday, Benzino was furious over rumors that he was somehow romantically involved with Shauna Brooks. She shared about it.

“This person has crossed a dangerous line and I’ve already accepted that at 56 years old I will die now or go to jail for the rest of my [life] over my name, reputation, and legacy. This weirdo mf is playing with y’all, not me. He/she still haven’t said that we never met in person,” tweeted Benzino.

No Jumper podcast host Adam2 shared his thoughts on Benzino. “The internet is really gonna bully Benzino until he loses it and kills someone.”

Coi Leray then entered the conversation. The Trendsetter album creator told Adam22 that he’s asking people to pray for her father.

“Nah, [there are] people [that are] praying for him. like me. Please don’t even put this energy in the air. 💔 Just pray because we are real people [at the] end of the day regardless,” tweeted Leray.

Coi Leray
Coi Leray

As you know, two family members had an argument over social media. They were also at odds, with Benzino nearly breaking up Coi’s Nicki Minaj collaboration.

Coi Leray Advises Benzino to Get Help

The family feud between Benzino and Coi Leray continues. The fight is completely reflected on social media.

Coi Leray’s Trendsetter finally arrived on April 8, but that development didn’t stop family members from discussing it in front of the world. There were developments again in the afternoon.

“[What] makes you weirdos think you could ever tell me or have an opinion about me and my daughter?” tweeted Benzino. “Think about what type of mental illness one must have to do that. Y’all entire lives will be wasted commenting on s### you don’t know. Smh what type of mind and life is that?”

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