Coi Leray Says She Continues Choreographing “Blick Blick” Despite Her Knee Injury

On Friday, March 17th, Coi Leray celebrated the release of “Blick Blick” by presenting a recap of her visual shooting experience.

The “No More Parties” rapper detailed his first experience wearing a wig. She also said that she choreographed “Blick Blick” while undergoing physical therapy for a knee injury prior to shooting.

“I did all that Dancing on a fracture knee,” Coi Leray wrote in part. “I gotta get a minor surgery on it but I do physical therapy to maintain it for now. I wanted to go 10x harder with the choreo but it looks so good for a fractured patella.”

Fans welcomed the visuals and the song very well. “Blick Blick” peaked at #1 on the US iTunes chart with its release on March 17.Fans watched the single two million times on the first day of its release.

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Nicki Minaj praised Coi’s dominant lyrical performance.

“Did Coi body that or did Coi body that?,” Nicki Minaj wrote in a tweet on March 17. “I was in love with her verse the second I heard it. No way I wasn’t stealing her outro flow. #BlickBlick.”

Watch Coi Leray And Nicki Minaj’ s ‘BLICK BLICK’ Video

Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj, fresh from the release of their collaboration “Blick Blick“, appeared in the clip. In the colourful clip, the 24-year-old rapper shows off her choreographed moves as she shakes off 90s-inspired harmonies.

The Queen arrives with a audible look to spit out the “verse of the year.” Later, Barbie and Trendsetter break their paintball guns and wear matching pink wigs as they shoot at their opponents.

During a Twitter Q&A with fans, Coi excitedly explained what it was like to shoot the video with the rap queen.


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