Coi Leray Says She Doesn’t Listen To Pusha T

According to Coi Leray, age is nothing more than a number.

Just days before the release of her debut album Trendsetter, the “Blick Blick” rapper stopped by “The Breakfast Club” where she and Charlamagne Tha God engaged in an amicable discussion about her music and who her  listeners were.

“I’m 43 years old, I don’t think your music is for me,” Charlamagne told Coi, 24.

“Don’t you think my music is for you? So what are you listening to? Then tell me what you’re listening to,” Coi said.

When pressed for an answer, Charlamagne said he listened to Pusha T‘s unreleased album It’s Almost Dry.

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Coi Leray

“Okay, it’s a little dark,” Coi joked, before explaining that he had no problem with Push. “I love Pusha T, but my album cover is bright and colorful. You’re looking at Pusha T, black and white and dark. Therefore, if this is the time you want to be, you may need to tap and listen to Trendsetter, get some spark in your life, illuminate it. ”

Charlamagne argued that he was too old to listen to her music. “Coi, we’re not your demon. We are old.”

However, Coi Leray defended her music, saying they needed more time to accept her music.

“It’s so versatile, you didn’t process it,” she replied.

“It’s going to take time for people to process things, because you’re still stuck with Pusha T, and there are people in this generation right now, like Muni Long, for example, Summer Walker, they don’t make that music,” she said.

When DJ Envy criticized her sexual lyrics, Coi clapped back by calling Charlamagne and Envy “dinosaurs.”

“Because it’s like when you when actually look at the history of a dinosaur, they have so many great things about them, right? And so many great things that they brought to this earth. But they’re so [extinct], like they’re so not here anymore, and you have to really dig deep to find that fossil.”

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