Controversial ‘Astroworld Concert From Hell’ Documentary by Hulu

Travis Scott remains on the agenda after the highly controversial Astroworld. Hulu has released a documentary about the Astroworld concert, in which 10 people, 2 of whom were 18 years old, lost their lives.

Astroworld: Concert From Hell includes news clippings about the November 5 concert in Houston.

The concert, which caused a huge stampede and the security measures were insufficient, brought chaos with it. The content is important in the documentary, in which the participants of the concert, which injured more than 300 people, were interviewed.

The Documentary on Hulu

Is Hulu Documentary Available to Watch?

Hulu’s documentary made a 50-minute trailer on ABC 13 News. While removing the content from the platform after serious backlash, the video is still available on the website.

We can say everything about Astroworld, including the things you can find in the documentary, the chaos that took place hours before the music started, the people who could not get rid of the crowd and crush each other, the dead and the injured.
In addition, news from the investigation and the latest developments will be included in the documentary.

According to the news of, some followers stated that they were surprised after seeing the documentary so soon after the tragedy, assuming it was the original content of Hulu.

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About Tragedy and Travis Scott

In addition, as we have presented the news on our site before, many people debated whether it was possible for Travis Scott to stop the events beforehand. However, Rawlings-Blake, one of the important people who took the floor on the subject, shared with the public that such a thing would not be possible in the light of some information.

As the tragedy continues, images such as Kylie Jenner walking among the dead and the concert continuing have fueled the debate, but when exactly what is right and wrong will be understood, no one knows. The only way for us is to wait and see.

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