Cordae, who received praise for his new album ‘From A Birds Eye View’, told NME‘s Kyann-Sian Williams that he would live a good life and want to help the world.

It has an answer to the future Nas or Jay Z epithets. “There’s not any pressure to be the next anybody. I can’t be a Nas or Jay Z because there’s already a Jay Z and a Nas. I can just be me, and be the best Cordae there ever was.”

Cordae, who entered the market solidly with her album in 2019, managed to make a name for himself. He proved with his songs that he will not disappear in the market. He cemented his name in the rap world.

Attaching importance to lyricism, Cordae continued to play on word games that he displayed masterfully and continued his debut with his new album.

“It was fun. I literally have a story on every single song. Every single song has a story attached to it.”

“I created that in the middle of a pandemic. That’s why it’s so dark. And it feels like despair and hopelessness because it was made in that very beginning of the pandemic. “Brink of Extinction, hell bent on survival / This life’s a continuous cycle” is what I was feeling at the time.”

“As soon as I made ‘Chronicles’, I was like, ‘Yo, I gotta put H.E.R and Lil Durk on this, even though it may sound like a weird combination,’” he reveals. “But it’s the perfect combo for this one. For ‘Today’, I got Gunna on there because, at the time, I was like, ‘Man, I need some music to perform onstage’.” Cordae is already thinking of worldwide arena tours, and says:

“I would make a song and instantly think of a tone that’s going to be dope and add color to this. It was definitely a blessing to have everybody on this record who I’m really cool with in real life”.

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