Cordae Drops ‘FABEV Freestyle’ Over Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Heart Pt. 4’

Cordae has released the new FABEV Freestyle. He, one of the most popular rappers of recent times, who fell in love with the famous tennis player Naomi Osaka, is preparing to release his highly anticipated new album “From A Bird’s Eye View” next week. The North Carolina rapper, who previously decided to release a new freestyle for his fans, excited his fans.

For freestyle, Cordae is pretty ambitious, rapping to Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4” beat released in 2017. The song debuts in an official video directed by Simon David & Travis Colbert.

“January fourteenth, coming sooner than expected / My mind is hectic, thoughts eclectic / At times I felt disrespected by the genre I love / Uh, f**k you ni**as, only God can judge / January 14th, From a Birds Eye View / I’ll reassure what you already knew on January 14th,” his raps.

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The talented rapper made the announcement of his album, which will be released on January 14, 2022, through a clever trailer where he was seen making a Steve Jobs-like presentation of a new Iphone, and it attracted a lot of attention.

Getting her fans very excited with his latest single ‘Sinister’, which she joined forces with Lil Wayne, Cordae shows us that we should be open to new surprises while continuing his work energetically.

Cordae Doesn’t Take A Break From His Projects With Great Work

He showed his excitement in the post he shared on his Instagram account a short time ago.

“You know uh, it’s times like this in life when you just gotta relish in the moment and cherish these moments dawg,” he says on the track. “It’s like, I made it, man/It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything but I’m just gon’ live in this moment/Be present at this time doe/I’ma be doing this music shit at the absolute highest level for a long…”

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