Cordae ‘From a Bird’s Eye View’ Releases Jan 14

Cordae will kick off 2022 with the release of his second album, From a Bird’s Eye View, on January 14.

It’s less than two weeks away from its planned release date. The Maryland-born rapper brings us the new music in the project. In a clip shared on Instagram on January 2, Cordae is seen playing an unreleased song from the keyboard with sampled vocals.

“You know uh, it’s times like this in life when you just gotta relish in the moment and cherish these moments dawg,” he says on the track. “It’s like, I made it, man/It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything but I’m just gon’ live in this moment/Be present at this time doe/I’ma be doing this music shit at the absolute highest level for a long…”

Many commented, notably his girlfriend, tennis star Naomi Osaka, and musician Robert Glasper.

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Cordae’s debut album, The Lost Boy, arrived in 2019. In an interview with Apple Music in September 2020, he voiced his favorite rapper producers.

Latest IG Post by Cordae

He named them “Kanye West, Eminem, Travis Scott, obviously Pharrell.” So always it’s a part of the music, because I’m like, whenever I do a song, I’m super connected to it. I just want to be a part of all songs, all parts of the song and the production side of it. The actual beat is super important.”

He continued, “I’ll know it’s for me, and then sometimes I’ll sit with it. I’ll be like, okay, I know this beat is super ill, but I’m just not in the vibe right now to create something to it. So I can save it for a couple months or weeks or whenever I’m feeling like, ‘Oh shit.’”

Cordae’s new album From a Bird’s Eye View also includes collaborations with Lil Wayne and Roddy Rich. There are 14 tracks in total in the album.

Also, additional information,

Cordae – From A Birds Eye View Tour
Thu Feb 3, 2022 8:00 PM
House of Blues Dallas | Dallas, TX

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