DaBaby’s New Song With Lil Wayne ‘Lonely’ Released

DaBaby, who debuted towards the end of 2018 and continues his active rap career until today, does not slow down in September. After the freestyle series she shared on August 24, September 1, and September 2, he is here with a new duet.

Yesterday he posted on Twitter ‘New single dropping today Featuring The Best Rapper Alive. ‘ DaBaby, who attracted attention with his statement, caused a great confusion under the tweet. DaBaby unintentionally made a poll about who is the best rapper in the comments with his tweet. The names Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake were frequently mentioned in the replies to the tweet. The tweet received a total of 20K interactions.

DaBaby Featuring Lil Wayne – “Lonely” is out now! The cover of the song attracts attention first. On the cover, which has two different crossroads, there is a figure who, unlike everyone else, is alone on the path he chose.

If we talk about the lyrics of the song, the rapper maintains his usual aggressiveness and meets his fans with harsh words. Here are those words “Caught up in my feelings / F**k around and kill another ni**a,” he raps. “You ain’t even gotta push me how I’m feelin’ now / I’ve been having mood swings like a Gemini / I could use the murder for therapy … Then get away squeaky clean.” DaBaby also includes his brother’s death in his song. (“I saw my big brother laid out with his brains blowed out / It’s been caching up on me”) It’s not hard to understand the aggression of a person who has experienced such a tragic situation.

The duo of DaBaby and Lil Wayne had previously reunited once again in Jack Harlow’s song ‘WHATS POPPIN’ and received great acclaim. The song has only been listened to 180M on YouTube.

DaBaby insulted homophobic and HIV-infected people last month. After sharing these thoughts he got many bad reactions from people. DaBaby was aware of her mistake and met with nine HIV awareness organizations to establish “meaningful dialogue” and educate herself about the disease.



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