Dazed Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Rihanna Foto Shoot

Rihanna, who came across the frame with many different concepts, fascinated people with her beauty. The famous artist, who frequently appears in front of the camera in ‘Fenty Beauty‘, of which he is the founder, is on stage for Dazed this time.

Rihanna debuted in 2007 with her duet Umbrella with Jay-Z on her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Dazed pays homage to Rihanna with the umbrella concept you see above, and interprets the photo as ‘the reign never stops’.

Dazed, who takes us to a different century in every photograph, uses Rihanna’s grace and nobility with the concept of mixing the past and the present in this photograph.

The Golden Reign of Rihanna

In this photo, Rihanna, who is in front of us with golden tights that completely cover her body, is almost dazzling with her perfect physique.

Dazed’s editor-in-chief Ibrahim Kamara said about the photoshoot with Rihanna: “To me, Rihanna is pop culture’s most chameleonic protagonist and the perfect cover star for this special moment in Dazed’s history.”

Medusa’s curse is her beauty. Medusa was cursed after Athena was jealous of her, but you can’t even curse Rihanna with snake hair. In this concept, we see Rihanna’s hair covering her naked body.

Founder, Model, Designer of Fenty

A female artist who has achieved success with many singles and feats with her 9 studio albums, according to Forbes (2021), Rihanna is the richest female musician in the world with a fortune of 1.7 billion dollars.

Rihanna, who left behind a dream career with her music, unique dances, and beautiful body, founded Fenty in 2017. Continuing her success in her music career in cosmetics, Rihanna recently appeared with the new products of the ‘SavagexFenty‘ collection. Rihanna, who has been in front of the camera many times for her own cosmetics company ‘Fenty‘ with her unique beauty and body, this time fascinated her fans with a purple bikini.


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