Did Travis Scott Has the Authority to Stop Tragedy?

Despite criticism from Houston officials, Travis Scott’s spokesperson and former Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told “CBS Mornings” on Friday that the idea that Travis Scott could halt the Astroworld music festival is “ridiculous.” We look forward to the response of the Houston authorities.

Nine people died at the Astroworld concert in Houston last Friday. There are still injured, many psychologically affected and damaged people. Shortly after Scott began his performance, there were events that would have been declared an “incident of mass casualties.”

“They have a 59-page operations plan, and it clearly says the only two people that are, have the authority to stop the concert, were the executive producer and the concert producer. He was not responsible for this, but he wants to be responsible for the solution,” said Rawlings-Blake.

City officials had previously said that Scott and the Astroworld organizers should stop the event when they realized the crowd was in danger. Thus, Scott and Astroworld officials received a great reaction as to why they did not stop them if they had such authority.



“The artist, if he notices something that’s going on, he can certainly pause that performance, turn on the lights and say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to continue until this thing is resolved,’ Houston’s fire chief Samuel Peña told NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday.

Rawlings-Blake said Scott was unaware at the time that the concert had turned into a tragedy. He attended an after-party at Scott Dave and the Busters where Rawlings-Blake said he and his crew were trying to “regroup.”

“They were trying to figure out what was going on. It was hours and hours after the concert when they actually found out the tragedy, how the tragedy unfolded,” she said. “And he has not stopped grieving for these families. He knows that he is who he is because of his fans. His love for his fans is so deep.”

Rawlings-Blake said it was Scott’s own team that informed him. “There was so much chaos, so much communication lost… Nine people lost their lives, nine families are in mourning.”

Could Travis Scott Stop the Tragedy?

If Rawlings-Blake’s words are absolutely true, there doesn’t seem to be much Travis Scott can do about it. However, it seems that the reactions will never end completely due to situations such as the images of him and Kylie Jenner walking among the dead and the concert continuing while this tragedy continues no matter what.

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