DJ Apologizes To Cardi B And Her Husband Offset

Cardi B was disturbed after a DJ played Nicki Minaj’s song “Do We Have A Problem” at a New York nightclub. Because Cardi and Offset also took the stage.

According to AllHipHop, the offended Cardi went to the microphone to address the DJ. According to these reports, Cardi B is also said to have reacted to DJ Will’s inappropriate references to the gang, not to mention Nicki Minaj. When these images went viral, the rivalry between the two stars surfaced once again.

Cardi took to Instagram to address the situation.

“M############ were trying to set me up and everything. And let me tell you something, I handle my business in real life,” she said. “I don’t think y’all really knew what was going on. I don’t think y’all understand what was going on, and when somebody tries to explain it, y’all coming sideways. And it’s like, why?”

She continued: “I bet y’all didn’t know I got set up. I bet y’all not peeping that certain videos were made from professional cameras, because it was all a setup.”

DJ Apologizes to Cardi B

DJ Will also responded, issuing a “heartfelt” apology to Cardi B and taking responsibility for his “mistake.”

“I’m reading so many stories and narratives about things that happened and didn’t happen and I just want to clear the air,” he said in a statement.

“Last night in the club, a promoter, manager, passed me along information to shout out and unknowingly I ran with it. I never meant any disrespect to Cardi B, Offset, their family, friends, or fans in any way, shape, or form. It was an honest mistake and I feel horrible about it. Normally, that is something I would never do. I always check and double-check information but I was caught up in what I thought was a Hip-Hop moment.”

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