Doja Cat Apologizes To Fans After Announcing She ‘s Quitting Music

Doja Cat seems to have changed her mind!

Just days after announcing she was quitting music amid the mayhem of his fans, the “Kiss Me More” rapper decided to make amends when she realized she looked ungrateful. In a series of tweets on Saturday, Doja reflected on her success and the life her global fan base has given her.

“I can travel, I can eat well, I can see new people, I can smile,” she wrote. “I can create memories that I dream of having, I can laugh, I can support my family and friends, I can learn about the world and I can give it back to everyone because of you.”

In a reversal of his previous statements, she said, “I owe people shit. I owe you a lot.”

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Doja Cat

Doja Cat Steps Back

Doja came under fire after she failed to recognise fans in Paraguay after her show was cancelled due to weather. She was met with a backlash from supporters, some of them waiting outside his hotel.

At the time, Doja made no apologies for the hijacked stunt. “I’m not sorry,” she wrote, before giving up his music career. “This job is not for me, so I’m out. Take care of yourself.”

Returning to the stage for a show in Brazil on Friday, Doja backtracked on his earlier remarks.

“I owe myself a lot, too. I owe myself a chance to open up and be good to people,” she said. “I owe it to myself to die of my fears that did not allow me to expand my heart. I didn’t come to another country to do something I could do elsewhere. It would be pointless in a way.”

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