Doja Cat Goes off on YouTuber Lorry Hill, For Making Plastic Surgery Claims

Doja Cat collaborates with YouTuber Lorry Hill for plastic surgery video YouTube, as it is known, is a great platform on which many bloggers spread news, including a lot of misinformation.

That was the case with Tasha K recently, because now she has to pay Cardi B more than $4 million, in a defamation lawsuit. you can see our news here.  Now, the last YouTuber called, Lorry Hill. She previously posted content that Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion had undergone plastic surgery.

Doja recently took to Instagram to refute those rumors and defended herself and Megan.

“Two-hundred-thousand views on this video and its called ‘Doja Cat Looks Different Than Before: Here’s Why.‘” That’s what this is about. It’s about plastic surgery. It’s about this btch Lorry Hill talking about people’s bodies, talking about people’s surgery. This btch made a fcking plastic surgery video on Megan Thee Stallion. Shut the fck up, bro. At that rate? Megan Thee Stallion is home-fcking-grown. This btch has nerve. And I’ll tell you something. You sit in your fcking chair and talk about this girl and that girl and this girl got this and that done. Btch, look at you. You got work to do right now. And I won’t say more.”****

Doja also noticed that he had given Lorry Hill too much influence by mentioning his name. Still, he stressed that it was not a good influence.

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You’re welcome. You’re welcome for the clout. t’s not good clout. But it’s clout. It’s what you asked for. It’s what you get when you make lies up about people. When you talk s*it about people. B*tch, I’ll tell you one thing. I built my career off of my body and the way that my body looks and making my fans feel confident in the way that their body looks. And the moment I start loosing weight, b*tches like you, Jack Skelington, b*tches like you wanna talk about the way that I look.”

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