Doja Cat Has New Style

Doja Cat has changed its style. Now she has a new hairstyle. She made herself recognizable once again with a style with bangs.

Doja’s favorite hairdresser, JStarReady, shared a video of the new cut and color on her Instagram account. The short clip shows Doja’s blunt bangs now dangling just below her eyebrows. The hair, on the other hand, was styled with a serious volume in the 90s style. JStarReady has confirmed that the hair is not a wig.

Doja also talked about this in a funny clip she posted on TikTok. “I like my haircut,” she captioned the video.

In addition to the new style of Doja, we can say something else. She got a new piercing in her belly button. You can see this piercing in JStarReady’s video. She shared her new jewelry on Twitter, wearing a bright pink bikini top.

Doja Cat
IG Post by Doja Cat

Some News About Doja Cat

Doja Cat‘ s  sounds in Las Vegas. 

Doja Cat released the soundtrack’s lead single, “Vegas”, in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming ELVIS biography. The song, which debuted last month during Coachella, includes Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog,” which was re-recorded by Elvis in 1956.

I’m not playing, it’s hide-and-seek / High school, when it finally reaches its peak / Hound dog, come find a treat / I’m a bad but…, Grammy-winning rap.

“Vegas” is featured on elvis’s soundtrack, starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, and is released on June 24.

Doja first performed the song at Coachella last month, where she also featured gospel artist Shonka, who played Big Mama Thornton in the film and also appeared on the soundtrack.

Doja Cat also apologized to fans for wanting to quit music. The famous rapper said again that she plans to retire completely from the industry on Wednesday, March 30. However, he added on Thursday, March 31, that he does not plan to “break free” from his commitments.

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