Doja Cat Talked About 2 New Projects for 2022

Doja Cat took to the pre-Christmas Instagram Live and shared her future plans for two new projects, both pop and hip hop.

The first project will be a 7-track pop-rap album. A 12-track hip hop album will follow, with Jay asking Versace and 9th Wonder to produce the second one.

“New project, 12 songs, all of them, every fu**in’ one, Jay Versace and 9th Wonder,” she said. “Jay is like a fantastic producer.”

After she shouted him out, Jay Versace popped up in her IG Live. “I would do a 12-14-song album with you and 9th Wonder,” she told him.

9th Wonder also responded after hearing his name mentioned. “Say what now?” he tweeted.

Introducing herself as a rapper, Doja Cat said that she wants to be classified as a rapper, even though her projects include pop music. “Anyone who says that I’m not a rapper is in denial,” she said in response to the debate over whether she should be classified as a rapper or a pop artist. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

2021 Was a Great Year for Doja Cat

As you know, Doja released their latest album, Planet Her, in June this year. It earned eight Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. 2021 was a great year for him. She left behind a very productive year for her, excluding the periods when she fell ill with the Covid-19 disease.

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The famous rapper, who has recently been talked about with her statements to Rolling Stone, recently she had announced that she would no longer be working with Dr. Luke .

After his feud with Kesha, joining the celebrities who stopped working with Dr. Luke, Doja Cat informed all her fans of her final decision in an interview. It received positive feedback.

We look forward to sharing Doja Cat’s new projects with you in 2022.

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