Don Q is Back with “Double or Nothing” Project and “Say That” Video

Bronx-born rapper Don Q lives and breathes the essentials of hip hop. After a three-year hiatus, which he saw as an opportunity to improve his rap techniques and get better, Don Q is back with ambition and is betting on his success on his new project, Double Or Nothing. Don finds inspiration for his art in the lyrical skill of old-school beat killers. Don’s three-year hiatus from the rap game was actually partly due to his obligation. To care for a sick family member.


Double Or Nothing is more than a clever acronym, that’s for sure. The project marks Don Q’s return to the rap game as a better version of himself. He’s a rapper who is transforming and getting better. In a healthier space in his life and career, he promises to apply pressure and constantly feed the ears of the streets by recently sharing his “True King” (859K+ views) video and Funk Flex freestyle. Combining hard-earned wisdom with boastful nursery rhymes, Don’s ten-part project outlines the procedure for raising oneself and keeping energy in one’s spare time. He seems to have signed on to a project that represents him quite well. At this point in his career, Don is completely inside himself and refuses to be compared to anyone.

Including a guest spot from Bronx sounding amplifier B Lovee, Double Or Nothing is available everywhere via Highbridge The Label/EMPIRE.

Don Q Beats DMX‘s “What These Bitches Want”

“I can’t speak about no shootings that have happened on behalf of the bros/But try snatching my gold and I’m clapping this pole.” He continues, “If I came out with it, I’m ready to have a bang out with it/Out the back window trying to hang out with it/I’ve seen the toughest n***as take the stand/So don’t think I trust you just because I shake your hand.”

IG post by Don Q

Career Start

In 2016, Don Q signed with Highbridge the Label, a label run by his friends Quincy “QP” Acheampong and Sambou “Bubba” Camara. He and A Boogie were the first artists to sign to the label. They became one of the most popular and most promising rappers in New York City.

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