“DONDA” is #1 on Apple Music Worldwide!

Kanye West’s latest album DONDA is breaking record after record. It already has the highest ranked #1 in Apple Music history. It has taken the first place in more than 130 countries. This is truly legendary.

Just 10 hours after its release on Donda, it passed 5 million views on Youtube. Even though it only loads with a black screen. This is really impressive.

We can say that the rise of DONDA, which turned all the lists upside down, has just begun.

  • 10 songs in the top 10
  • 20 songs in the top 20
  • 28 songs in the top 30
  • 37 songs in the Top 40
  • 45 songs in the Top 50
  • All songs in the Top 80 (53)


Also, on RapCaviar, Spotify’s biggest playlist with 14 million followers, Kanye West & The Weekend & Lilbaby’s song Hurricane has already hit #1.

We think that Kanye West is very relieved now that he has released his DONDA album. It has been a really busy and tiring period for him. You can find our latest news about Kanye West here; 

Soulja Boy Slams Kanye West: “F*ck That Nig*a”


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