Dr. Dre Donates $10 Million To Compton High School For Arts Center

Dr. Dre does useful work for his hometown of Compton. He donated $10 million to a new performing arts center at his high school in Compton.

That contribution will go towards a new $200 million campus for Compton High. The Los Angeles Times reported that the rapper/producer had committed $10 million to a new 900-seat performing arts center at the school. The name of the facility is “Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Young will be the “Performing Arts Centre.”

Dr. Dre attended the school’s groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, May 7. He spoke about the importance of funding the arts.

“I was an artistic kid in school with no outlet for it. I knew I had something special to offer to the world, but with nothing to support my gift, schools left me feeling unseen…This city is special, and [the] young people living in it are special.”

Dr. Dre continued, “I’ve always wondered how much further ahead I might have been had the resources I needed in school were available. If I had learned more about the business industry, I would have saved myself [an] extreme amount of time, money and most importantly, [made] a lot of friendships.”


The new Compton High School campus will serve 1,800 students and provide facilities for another 450 students. academic building,
New buildings such as the sports hall and football stadium are also part of the project.

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The school’s principal, Rigoberto Roman said, “This new campus that will be erected, it will be erected upon deep roots and outstanding accomplishments that have been established over decades. Let us embrace this change for the sake of our future and our children’s future. This is a type of change to celebrate.”

Dr. Dre For GTA

DJ Pooh did an interview with BET and talked about Dr.Dre.

In an interview with BET, Pooh told Dr. Discussed Dre’s reluctance to collaborate on Grand Theft Auto. Dj Pooh started working with Rockstar Games on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004. He said that at first, Dr. Dre wasn’t willing to sign a contract.

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