Dr. Dre Is Already Happy to End His Marriage

Dr. Dre has reportedly made a deal with his ex-wife, Nicole Young, to finalize their divorce. The couple married in 1996 and they have two children, Truice and Truly.

The couple, who had financial disagreements and had problems with money, eventually parted ways by mutual agreement. Nicole, 51, reportedly requested $2 million a month from rapper and producer Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre is celebrating divorce
Dr. Dre is celebrating divorce

After all, according to reports, Dr. Dre paid his estranged wife a one-time attorney fee of $2 million and $500,000 in total.

Although it is said that the agreement has not been officially signed yet, Dr. Dre has already started to celebrate this separation. As far as we can tell from the enthusiasm of the celebration, Dr. Dre, who is very tired from these frictions, finally seems to be relieved.

In the shared photo, glowing balloons and happiness are seen with the text ‘Divorced AF’. The rapper, smiling at the screens in white sneakers and dark pants, finally seems to be feeling relaxed and free.

He was given divorce papers while he was at a cemetery for her grandmother’s funeral earlier this year.

There are also conflicting reports about the incident, and the place where the papers were taken seems open to debate. Nicole’s parties claimed that the papers were given in the parking lot after the ceremony. Dr. Dre’s side claimed that the papers were given to him at the burial site while he was standing next to the coffin.

Dr. Dre and His Ex-wife Nicole Young
Dr. Dre and His Ex-wife Nicole Young

Officially single in April, the rapper-producer has struggled ever since to reach a financial settlement.

Dr. Dre has a fortune of $800 million, according to Forbes, and there is trouble that Nicole should own half. Dr. Dre insists that they should have nothing against the other party trying to stake their fortune.

It’s unclear exactly when the case will conclude, but since Dr. Dre posed for this, we can say that the money deal is too close.

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