Drake and Chris Brown’s Lawsuits Continue

Chris Brown and Drake were sued for copyright infringement for using the phrase “You got it” in their hit song “No Guidance” in 2021. The duo stated that the case had no basis. They mocked him by making a federal request.

When we look at it today, we see that the case is prolonged. According to information from hiphopdx, the binary has released a new file. This file targets that you know. Singer Braindon Cooper, who continues to claim that “No Guidance” was illegally removed from their 2016 song “I Love Your Dress”. Brown and Drake’s lawyers stated that no artist had heard the song “I Love Your Dress” before.

Brown and Drake Told Somethings About That

Cooper backed out in February. He claiming it was “selfish and has no legal basis” to think he hadn’t heard Brown and Drake’s songs. Brown and Drake said on Wednesday, March 16, that it’s “unselfish” to assume they “haven’t heard all of their 82 million songs on Spotify.”

“This is not a close call,” Brown’s lawyer James G. Sammataro wrote in the filing which was obtained by Rolling Stone. “Posting a song on the Internet — such that the song is 1 out of 82 million songs on Spotify or posted by one of Instagram’s 1 billion users — and a one-time public performance do not constitute widespread dissemination as a matter of law.”

“Here, plaintiffs do not even allege thats know Mic Tee. Nor do plaintiffs allege that. Mic Tee gave defendants a copy of plaintiffs’ song. Or that M Mic Tee had any involvement in the creation of ‘Noidance.’ Plaintiff’s theory of access through Mic Tee is purely conjectural and speculative,” the filing reads.

Some News About Chris Brown

Chris Brown apologizes for what he did. Celebrity Chris Brown Singer is demanding an apology after a woman accused him of sexual assault and sued him for $20 million. “Damn, we all owe me an apology. still can’t hold my breath,” he wrote in his Instagram Story on Thursday.

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