Drake Bets Over $1 Millon On Super Bowl

Drake ‘s betting big on the Bowl. Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl LVI, Champagne Papi announced on Instagram that he had bet more than $1 million on the Los Angeles Rams.

He posted screenshots of his allegations on Instagram and it emerged that he had invested nearly $500,000 in Bitcoin for the Rams, who beat the Cincinnati Bengals. He said if they win it all, he’ll get a payment of more than $700,000.

He also paid nearly $800,000 for Odell Beckham Jr. to always score and run for more than 62.5 yards. “My brother has to score,” Drake said of the Rams wide receiver. If Drake wins all three bets, he’ll make more than $2 million.


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Drake, as you know, spends most of his free time gambling on online casino bets. He had previously earned $200,000 playing Roulette and even brought his laptop to a basketball game recently. He will be in Los Angeles for Super Bowl Weekend. On Saturday, he will be a special guest at H. Wood Group and REVOLVE’s “Homecoming Weekend” festivities in West Hollywood.

Drake Continues With His Passion for Gambling

Besides being a good rapper, Drake is also a gambling addict. As everyone knows, whether they love him or not. At the beginning of 2022, it did not stay idle.

Whether it’s at sports betting, blackjack or roulette tables, Drake has been known to have a few tries. As the COVID-19 restrictions hampered Toronto casinos, he found another solution. While people are starting to do their business as a home office now, Drake decided to continue gambling as a home office.

Drake, who sees virtual gambling from the comfort of his home as a very lucrative investment, shared on Instagram that he earned from $ 354,000 to $ 7 million in a single roulette wheel spin.

According to a post from OurGenerationMusic, he plays through the online gambling company Stakes and his DeepPockets6 account has bet more than a billion dollars since joining the website on December 28, 2021.

Drake also brought the roulette table to the side of the field to spin the wheel, even while watching Toronto Raptors games at the Scotiabank Arena. “Had an extra seat for my laptop… may as well,” he joked.

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