Drake Earns Big Thanks to Lil Baby

Drake is a successful rapper with a say in gambling. Still, he can thank Lil Baby for one of his latest wins.

The Toronto-based rapper held a raffle event with Stake, the online casino platform where he shared his winnings with fans around the world. He broadcast live while playing roulette at the event.

During a high-stakes session, Drake won $17.9 million on a single roulette bet. Meanwhile, Lil Baby entered the room.

“You know why that happened?” Drake said while celebrating his hefty win. “Because Baby walked in! That’s why.”

As Aubrey said during the Stake livestream, the Atlanta rapper was working on a new collaboration at his home studio on his Toronto property.

“By the way, my brother Lil Baby’s in the studio right now. He’s cooking up, we’re working,” Drake told viewers. “But he’s gonna come and do some spins with us tonight too.”

This final track looks like it’s ready for Baby’s new album coming out this summer. This project will be a continuation of My Turn in 2020.


Drake Supports J. Cole’s Basketball Decision

J.Cole returned to the court as he made his official debut in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

Nearly 3,000 fans filled Toronto’s Sleeman Centre to watch the Dreamville superstar’s first game for the Scarborough Shooting Stars against the Guelph Nighthawks on Thursday.

The 6’3″ guard missed his first two shots, but hit his third, three-pointer and finished with a three-pointer in 15 minutes.

“He wasn’t the best player on the pitch; It wasn’t the worst,” the Toronto Star wrote. “He was just the most famous, and there’s something admirable about a guy of Cole’s height putting himself out there for everyone to see and examine when there was a labor of love.”

Drake, whose manager OVO Niko was one of the owners of the CEBL team, was applauding him at home. “It’s real that my brother just checked in @scarboroughshootingstars,” he wrote, sharing a photo of 🤞🏽 J.Cole on his TV screen.

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