Drake Learns French From His Son Adonis

Drake posted posts to his 100 million followers in which he shared moments of caring for his son. On his Instagram, he shared cute videos of French lessons at his son’s mansion in Toronto.

One Dance song producer, who entered the platform owned by Facebook, published a video of him arguing with his child about his height.

Graham asked his dad how ‘big’ he would be when he grows up. “Are you going to be much bigger than me?” he asked.

“Am I going to be much bigger than you? I don’t think so, you’re pretty tall,” replied the God’s Plan rapper, while asking, “You think you’re going to be bigger than me? In response, the toddler confidently said, “Yeah”.

“Can I teach you how to speak aux français?” Adonis asks his dad who responds, “Yes, please. Show me.

He then had Drake repeat several words in French and offered a translation: “When you’re older, you’re all broken and you’re gonna turn back into space.”

Drake questioned the translation and laughed. “You’re a funny guy,”

In the background, Drake’s mother Sandi and Adonis’ mother Sophie are seen talking. They also celebrated the birthday of Drake’s mother, Sandi.

Adonis shared a photo of her blowing out the candles on her grandmother’s cake while Drake was held by Future the Prince.

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Drake continues to use his money online while taking French lessons. Yakiz amanda was very successful at gambling, winning $354,000 on her $215,000 Lightning Roulette bet. “2022 is blessing me from the comfort of my home,” he said.

Drake Was Again Huge Success in 2021

Empowered by the song “Champagne Poetry”, Certified Lover Boy continued Drake’s #1 album streak on the Billboard 200 and broke record after record on Apple and Spotify. He became one of the most listened singers on Spotify in 2021, he never came down from the top

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