Drake Seeks $4 Billion Lawsuit Dismissed

Drake was sued by a woman accused of breaking into her home in 2017. He wanted the $4 billion lawsuit filed against him to be dropped.

Referring to the court records, Radar Online stated that the case was filed by Mesha Collins in August.

Collins accused Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) of violating his privacy and engaging in insulting behavior. Mesha Collins was arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2017 for breaking into Drake’s California property.

Officers who caught Collins said the culprit had consumed some of the drinks in Drake’s home and locked himself in a room.

Collins, who was released after a $100,000 bail, was not charged again because Drake felt he was struggling with personal issues.

Regarding Collins, who this time sued Drake after he was arrested in 2017, Drake’s lawyer revealed that he did so because the person in question was trying to contact the star rapper.

Drake’s lawyer, who said he was dealing with his music and career, denied the allegations that he shared Instagram posts that “violated his privacy by revealing to the world he lives in” and said it was pure fiction. According to the motion submitted, Drake did not even know who Collins was until the case was reported to him.

“He never knew the identity of the person who had broken into his home in 2017, had never met Collins or communicated with her (or her friends), and was therefore wholly unaware of her existence (or her name, nickname, and likeness) or where she lived,” read the motion.

Drake (Image: Getty Images)

Sworn Statement by Drake

In his own declaration under oath, Drake said: “In April 2017, somebody broke into my Los Angeles home when I was not there. At the time of that incident, I was not told any details about the trespasser, including her name.”

“I understand that Plaintiff Mesha Collins (‘Plaintiff’) filed a lawsuit against me in August 2021. When this argument was filed and served on me, I learned that Plaintiff is the same person who broke into my house in Los Angeles in April 2017 .

“I do not know Plaintiff. I have never met her and have never communicated with her. I did not even know of Plaintiff until this lawsuit was filed and served. Indeed, I was unaware of Plaintiff’s identity, name, or where she alleges she lives until the filing and service of this argument.”

He added: “I have never mentioned or even referred to Plaintiff (by her name, nickname, image/likeness, or otherwise) in any of my music, Instagram posts, or in connection with any products or services that I have endorsed.”

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