Drake Supports J. Cole’s Basketball Decision

J.Cole returned to the court as he made his official debut in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

Nearly 3,000 fans filled Toronto’s Sleeman Centre to watch the Dreamville superstar’s first game for the Scarborough Shooting Stars against the Guelph Nighthawks on Thursday.

The 6’3″ guard missed his first two shots, but hit his third, three-pointer and finished with a three-pointer in 15 minutes.

“He wasn’t the best player on the pitch; It wasn’t the worst,” the Toronto Star wrote. “He was just the most famous, and there’s something admirable about a guy of Cole’s height putting himself out there for everyone to see and examine when there was a labor of love.”

Drake, whose manager OVO Niko was one of the owners of the CEBL team, was applauding him at home. “It’s real that my brother just checked in @scarboroughshootingstars,” he wrote, sharing a photo of 🤞🏽 J.Cole on his TV screen.


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J.Cole Missed His First 2 Shots But Then He Made 3 Shots

The Shooting Stars lost 80-89, but Cole’s presence on the team helped attract a crowd that was 50 percent larger than it might have been in any other year, according to observers.

“Today was a great day for both [teams] and a great day for the league,” Scarborough coach Chris Exilus said. “Cole did a great job and he played his heart out, and I think what he brings is also excitement, and he brings a certain fan base that we want to continue to see the game. I think all those things are great things for everybody.”

Cole previously played pro basketball with the Rwanda Patriots in the Basketball Africa League last year. He scored five points, three assists, and five rebounds in three games but left the tournament ahead of the playoffs due to a “family obligation.”

He is scheduled to play his first home game at the Pan Am Sports Centre on June 4.

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