Drakeo The Ruler Investigation Halted Due to Witnesses Being Silent

Witnesses refrain from telling truth in Drakeo The Ruler murder investigation. According to TMZ, police are relying heavily on surveillance video and cellphone evidence at the scene of the incident to continue their investigation into the december 18 murder at the Once Upon A Time festival in Los Angeles.

 Investigators tried to speak to witnesses backstage when the rapper was stabbed in the neck, but no one spoke.Theres another case the detectives are considering. Theyre investigating whether theres a link between the Slim 400 and Drakeos deaths.

As we reported earlier, Slim400 was killed in Inglewood 10 days before Drakeo was stabbed.
Drakeo was reportedly fighting with Slims protegé YG, but theFDTrapper is said to be unrelated to the fatal stabbing.


The California Highway Patrol said there wasnothing credibleabout the situation, though TMZ points out that local gang fights in Los Angeles are on the rise, suggesting that no one is ignoring that theory, The Sun reported.

As Rappersmag reported, rapper Drakeo was killed in front of his brother, Plug Ralfy. His brother described his bond with his brother on social media to remember his brother.

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In a Private Message, He Described His Brother as Follows

Writing on Instagram dedicated to his brother, he said: “Im so sorry.

His name is gone forever live on. Literally a king that got out of the mud and I watched it all from the start. From recording all yo lil freestyle and postem on YouTube [to] smoking on the porch waking everyone up to spit this hard ass s### you coming up within 10 minutes effortlessly going to camp. ”

Every time I get out, you go back; every time you get out I went back,” he continued. “Beating indictments starting yo own label and even getting a song with drake, the biggest artist in the game. And you did it by yo self. You were a self-made boss and a leader. You were my idol and big brother and I learned a lot from you and Im definitely gone make sure they still know the truth. #longlivedrakeo #longliveketchy @drakeotheruler


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