Drakeo The Ruler Killed In “Modern-Day Lynching” Says Attorney Ahead Of Lawsuit

Monarch Drakeos family is preparing to sue the Once Upon A Time in L. A. festival, alleging they failed to adequately secure behind-the-scenes security. The music industry suffered another loss after the tragic murder of King Drakeo, who was brutally stabbed to death at a concert in Los Angeles.

Rolling Stone spoke to the mother of the rappers five-year-old son, who plans to sue event organizers. Monarch Drakeo died after performing at the Once Upon A Time in L. A. festival in December last year.

Tianna Purtue said she sued the festivals organizers, Live Nation, on Monday (January 31st) in a wrongful death lawsuit. Independent organizers C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents and Jeffrey Shuman will also take part in the case. Lawyers for the family say they will seek at least $20 million in damages.

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Purtue said at a press conference thursday (January 27th) that a recording of the behind-the-scenes attack on The Ruler Drakeo was stolen. He also heard reports of an assault on the rapper minutes before the fatal stabbing, but no one stopped him.

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His lawyer says Drakeo was targeted

“It just makes no sense,” Purtue told Rolling Stone. “There was no security in sight. No one was there to help until the absolute last moment where he’s fighting for his life. That’s when EMT comes around.”

She continued, “Where was security? Where were they? Where was their post?” She questioned the absence of backstage security and said “He’s supposed to be protected as an artist. He’s coming to do a show for his fans, and he’s not even protected. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“I looked at that video, and I saw a sea of red. I don’t know if it was specifically gang-related, but I can tell you that all of those people attacking him were dressed in red, and that to me signifies that they were probably Bloods,” Bryant said. “If you look at the video, 40 to 60 people attacked this man who basically had no one there to help him. It was truly a modern-day lynching. They targeted him, knew what they wanted, and achieved their goal.”

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