Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, Makes Rap Debut On Tech N9ne’s New Single Face Off

Dwayne Johnson, professionally known as The Rock, made his rap debut on Tech N9ne‘s new album, ASIN9NE. He guested on the album with a verse in the single titled Face Off. With the single, The Rock officially entered the rap world.

The Rock was appearing on the closing verse of the single. He was talking about power and tribe.

“It’s about tribe, it’s about power / We stay hungry, we devour / Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours / Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin’ with Strange / I change the game so what’s my muthafucking name (Rock),” he raps.

This past Thursday, The Rock had taken his official Twitter account to tease the track and show off his support for the work. The professional wrestler and actor looked very excited about it.

“Pumped (& humbled) to drop MY 1ST RAP SONG with my brothers, the GOAT @TechN9ne @therealkingiso & #joeycool,” The Rock says.

“Honored to add some Rock gasoline to their FIRE.

“Im excited for you to hear this song, I think you’re gonna dig it…”

The Rock Is Grateful To Work With Tech N9ne

The Rock has also sent a piece of words through his official Instagram account. Adding a piece of lyrics from the single, The Rock said he is grateful to make his rap debut with those stars.

“‘Black & Samoan in my veins, my cultures’ bangin’ with Strange,'” he says.

“Grateful and humbled to make my rap debut with these hip hop kings as I was just trying to deliver a rhythm, flow, energy & intensity that didn’t suck.

“Huge grateful shout to the hip hop community for all the luv & music fans for all your HYPE reactions.”

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