Eminem In a Restaurant: Mom’s Spaghetti

Eminem made himself appear in the ad for Mom’s Spaghetti, which aired local ads. The restaurant and product store is scheduled to launch on September 29, according to advertisements on local television.

Eminem is Bringing Back Mom’s Spaghetti

The superstar rapper plans to advertise Mom’s Spaghetti on 2131 Woodward Ave. in Detroit on September 29, based on a local TV report. The opening time is set at 17:00.

According to detroitnews.com, the 30-second commercial, which aired twice on WXYZ (Episode 7) Friday morning at 9 a.m., begins with Eminem spewing a can of signature spaghetti into the Detroit River above the Detroit skyline. 2002’s “Lose Yourself” was made to look like a local advertisement for Em’s Mom’s Spaghetti, a reference to the themes of Eminem’s Oscar-winning legendary songs “8 Mile”. Inspired by the Grammy-winning rapper’s words in his song “Lose Yourself”, which are actually not very appetizing, the restaurant that will open has made everyone wonder.


Em first brought Mom’s Spaghetti to life in a pop-up in the Sanctuary in 2017. Last year, she donated spaghetti to front-line workers at various hospitals in the area.

Spaghetti will be served with or without meatballs, as well as a “s’getti sandwich”. The ad will also feature “The Trailer”, described as “a store for Stans” given to ardent fans of Eminem. Here, users will be able to shop full of Eminem products.

Mom’s Spaghetti was created as a partnership with Union Joints, the Metro Detroit restaurant group that worked with Em on previous Mom’s Spaghetti pop-ups. On Wednesday, Union Joints opened Union Assembly, a two-tier, 500-seat restaurant at the same address as Mom’s Spaghetti in Woodward and Columbia. Mom’s Spaghetti will be added to the Union Assembly.


There are rumors that Eminem is preparing new material for the launch on October 1, but there are no official details and there is no news that can be certain. The ad, which will air on Detroit channels on Friday, will last 30 seconds. You’ll see Eminem above the Detroit skyline in this ad that offers a glimpse of the new restaurant.

Eminem is the latest rapper to get into this food game. Other hip-hop artists who have opened their own restaurants include DJ Khaled (The Licking chicken restaurant in Miami) and 2 Chainz (The tapas-friendly Escobar Restaurant in Atlanta).



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