Eminem Launches Black Friday Products

Black Friday is approaching. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Black Friday has begun to fantasize about getting their favorite singers’ new products at a discount. In these days when many opportunities are expected, fans are very excited. Eminem has already presented his Black Friday collection.

Eminem’s surprise discount products, which are already available on their website, also include new Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant products.

Now available on the official website, Eminem’s new surprise sale includes all-black items for his new Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant, as well as three action figures that previously appeared as open-release NFTs in April’s Shady Con x Nifty Gateway collaboration.

Eminem’s discounted items for fans include his 2000 outfit from Experience Music PROject, his role as Smith in 8 Mile, a hockey mask from Meadowlands Arena, and three action figures. Products are scheduled to be shipped by January 14, 2022, if ordered.

If we talk about Mom’s Spaghetti, it consists of a short-sleeved T-shirt and two hoodies. All three pieces feature designs in black and range in price from $30 to $50. In addition, these products are planned to be sent to their buyers until December 3. Limited edition products are a real gift for fans.

Eminem’s Black Friday Products

The Detroit rapper, who started to act in the advertisements of the restaurant named Mom’s Spaghetti, was found remarkable by his fans when he revealed products related to the same restaurant. There may be products that might interest you as well. 

If you want to buy it, we suggest you hurry. Because the products can be sold out quickly and in limited numbers. Eminem may have aimed for this by putting the products on sale earlier than other celebrities.

We think you will love the figures and sweatshirts. Especially black themes suit sweatshirts very well. To say a few words about the figures, these figures that bring back iconic moments in our memories seem very attractive to their fans.

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