Fat Joe Makes Fun of Billie Eilish

Fat Joe took to Instagram to greet 20 pop stars over the weekend.

A travelogue about Billie Eilish, an outfit choice reminiscent of the baggy yarn the rappers wore in the 2000s, couldn’t stop for the year 2000. Recently, Kanye West reviews Billie Eilish as the alluding appearance to Travis Scott has been a new fan.

Billie Eilish is pictured standing next to SZA and Tierra Whack. She was seen wearing an oversized blue shirt and white Air Jordan II sport-matched shorts. Fat Joe also wrote. “Billie winked at her fat joe”

A MEME came after good with this outfit from Billie Eilish.

IG Post by nojumper

Fat Joe Talked About Jay Z

Fat Joe made statements based on his own personal interviews. He said a line of expression and airflow from JAY-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. Still, all the puns found on Hov’s 1996 debut album are simpler, but no less profound.

In a statement about Fat Joe, he said:

“So here’s the thing: everybody wants to be a man, there is no real power for everybody. Power is eating at that, so one of us must choose to finish.

“Be a friend, we want to be his best barber. Is your friend a mechanic? We’re all here to the fullest extent.

Fat Joe also talked about some of his past feelings about Jay-Z. He said they weren’t always on good terms.

“There’s a little bit of jealousy involved,” he said. “The man was always winning. I might have been a little jealous if I’m gonna be a man about it. He won at everything. He had the baddest chick in the world.

“I always had the streets, no matter who I had beef with. And so The Rucker is part of the streets. That was the streets in the summertime, and out of nowhere here comes this guy after I win five chips in a row, he wants a team!”

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