Fat Trel Arrested Again Less Than Two Months After Getting Released From Prison

Fat Trel has reportedly been placed under arrest again. Less than two months after DC rapper Fat Trel was released from prison in October, he was arrested again, 4 times booked for probation revocation of suspended sentence at the Arlington County Sheriff’s office in Arlington, Va. reported that.

Trel’s charges were earlier in July 2018 and possession of firearms and ammunition in  Arlington  August 2018. It is thought to be linked to the 2018 arrest, as it could be a separate arrest charge.

Fat Trel

In July 2018, American police pulled Trel over for a traffic violation, because he did not have any identification or driver’s license. It allegedly smelled of alcohol and marijuana.  After police searched the car, officers later described it as a “Ghost Weapon“. They found a loaded 40-caliber pistol. Trel, all together, was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison, but a few years later he was sentenced to two years and six months.

Trel has previously been involved in the distribution of narcotics, speed limits, driving with a revoked license, and possession of counterfeit money. It caused tons of legal troubles like crime. Trel has a court date in place for January 14, 2022.

Rappers who had issues with other cops came to mind,lets see them

Lil Wayne

On November 3, 2015, the police raided Wayne‘s mansion in Miami Beach, which did not pay these debts even though he decided to pay $2 million. Lil Wayne, who was not at home during the group raid in civilian suits, commented on the raid as follows;

It’s days like 2day dat make me ? everything,even myself But I guess dis is da thx I get. Sum times it’s tough 2b tough & even tougher 2b me.

After these sentences, he referred to women.

Gucci Mane

7 years ago the Atlanta rapper’s home in Georgi was raided in connection with a prostitution investigation and evidence of weapons and drugs in the area. Although Flocka was not at home at the time of the raid on December 16, 2010, rapper Gucci Mane lived with Waka and his mother for a while. When the police arrived at the scene, he handcuffed Gucci for his small possession of marijuana. However, a few hours later
would be released.


And many more…


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