Freddie Gibbs Prepares for Album of the Year

Virginia Beach rapper Freddie Gibbs released a new song this weekend at Paris Fashion Week. The album cover, which also includes a photo of Lana Del Rey with cocaine, excited her fans with her upcoming project.

Pusha T believes this album will be the best album of the year.

“The album of the muthafucking year is coming,” he said while hijacking his manager Steven Victor’s interview with Complex. “A Pusha album takes a long time … but when it comes together, ain’t nothing fucking with it.”

He added, “I’m on some one thousand percent rap superhero shit, man .. You know me, I have to reinvent myself. I just have to reinvent my greatness.”

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Freddie Gibbs continues to collaborate. After collaborating with “Palmolive” in 2019, it also collaborated with “Miami Vice” for Grand Theft Auto: Online last year. He signaled to his fans, who are eagerly awaiting their next collaboration, that they will see it soon.

Freddie Gibbs made similar statements about his fifth solo album and FAQ (short for Soul Sold Separately), the sequel to 2020’s Grammy-nominated Alfredo.

“The Pusha album is coming sooner than you think,” he told Complex. “And we’re dropping back to back to back … Tonight, we’re leaving here and going to the studio. We’re working on [Kanye West’s] Donda 2. We’re putting the finishing touches on Pusha’s album.”

Freddie Gibbs Praised Pusha

During an interview with L.A. Leakers promoting the album, Gibbs said he considers Pusha one of the best rappers in 2019

“Pusha, he’s definitely an inspiration to me,” Gibbs admitted. “I saw what he did last year with his album and the run that he went on. I think Complex named him the best rapper alive and all of that. And, I was like, damn man that was really inspirational. So, he definitely gave me some gas to push forward to this.”

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