Freddie Gibbs Ready for New Single ‘Black Illuminati’

As the year draws to a close, get ready for Freddie Gibbs‘ new album, because it’s almost time. Freddie Gibbs made his fans miss him.

Setting aside Jadakiss’ latest effort to include his lyrical talents, “Black Illuminati” is a testament to all of Gibbs’ original rap talent and street-centric ideals.

Jada and Freddie are no strangers to collaboration, having previously linked with Jay Rock on songs like “Babyface Killa” and a remix of 360’s “Own Thing.” The duo has been meeting periodically since 2012 and there’s plenty of time to build a dynamic between them.
But their recent collaboration had put them both at an alarming pace reminiscent of a gangster movie. Both rappers are known for their aggressive tones and tongue-twisting intonations, so it’s no surprise that “Black Illuminati” is a raunchy, creepy banger to the FAQ. You will see it too.
The visuals for the piece show changes over time, showing the “rags-to-riches” background that Freddie and Jada are both talking about. Flamboyant cars and flamboyant mansions lead to abandoned warehouses and shady neighborhoods as the track progresses.

Freddie competed with The Alchemist’s Grammy-nominated album Alfredo for Best Rap Album at last year’s Grammy Awards. As for his next LP, Gibbs recently revealed a crazy list of producers for his FAQ – he talked about some of the possible features fans will see on the project.


Personal Life of Freddie Gibbs

On November 4, 2014, a gunman opened fire on Gibbs, who was sitting in a car after he had finished performing at a record store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Gibbs was unharmed, and two members of his entourage received non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

In May 2015, Gibbs launched a GoFundMe to assist Gary’s School Supply Giveaway of Gary, Indiana to help purchase school supplies for children in Gary, Indiana. Growing up at Gary, there was very little opportunity for a boy like me to do things. Not having the essentials…left many of us with little motivation to succeed in school and turned many of us onto darker paths. maximize their chances for a brighter future by helping them acquire the essential materials they need and deserve.”

Gibbs was arrested on a European arrest warrant for an alleged rape that took place in Austria in 2015, before performing a Le Rex concert in Toulouse, France in June 2016, and was extradited to Austria on sexual assault charges. Whether French or Austrian, he had no intention of escaping justice and was charged the following month with sexual misconduct charges against two women. He was released on €50,000 bail after several weeks in prison and was acquitted of all charges in September 2016.

Gibbs said that while he is not a fan of organized religion, he most often describes himself as a Muslim, calling it “a personal relationship between me and God.” Gibbs also has two children.

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