Freddie Gibbs Trolls Gunna

Gunna s latest album, DS4EVER, was released this week and features Freddie Gibbs diss, which the Atlanta rapper hinted at earlier this week. Freddie, however, doesnt seem impressed by the bars Gunna dropped on him.

On Friday afternoon (January 7), Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter and shared reality TV star Tiffany Pollards famous meme (best known from I Love New York and Flavor of Love) as she sat on a bed with her hands folded while wearing sunglasses.

Along with the laughing emoji to Meme, “Today I am waiting for the biggest moment of my career,” he wrote, and a slight laugh among fans sparked a slight controversy among Gunna fans.

The moment Gibbs talks about it, he raps on GunnasPoochie Gown” “Hang up from the sidelines/ I cant deal with Freddie Gibbs (No)/ Negroes are lying (Fibs). ” People on social media were already starting to sneer at Freddie Gibbs, saying they expected DISS to be much more effective and tough than it really was.

I @1GunnaGunna Freddie Gibbs‘ “disswas WEAK AF,” one person wrote.

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Another Twitter user said: “Im not going to let you “Gunna getting on Twitter to hype up his Freddie Gibbsdissto just mention him in one line is weird as hell. ”

A third person expressed their disappointment, writing, “I was expecting more from gunna on the Freddie Gibbs diss. ”

A video also showed a man likening Gibbs to the internet, listening to a song in which the Young Stoner Life Records rapper can be heard rhyming, “I cant deal with Freddie Gibbs. ” The song heard in the video isPoochie Gown” before the snippet is officially released. Gunna was in the video.

Wunnas social media post led to a suspicious exchange of words between himself and Gibbs, as previously mentioned, most likely stemming from the Indiana spitting mans indirect naming gunna as a snitch in 2020.

However, many, including Freddie Gibbs, confused the CNN program with an episode of Crime Stoppers.

And if you havent heard of diss yourself, check out GunnasPoochie Gown” below.

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