Friction Between Travis Scott ‘s Wife Kylie Jenner And TikToker

Kylie, who prepared a sandwich for Travis Scott, shot a reaction video. She was accused by a Tiktoker of underpaying for food delivery.

Pablo Tamayo, who has over 400,000 followers on the app, was working for Instacart this week. He posted a video saying he ordered Kylie.

He claimed to have bought a $12 pack of pepperoni at the Erewhon grocery store in West Hollywood.

Pablo used some nasty phrases for Kylie Jenner. “This b#### could have paid me more,” Pablo, 20, said of Kylie Jenner. “It ‘s under the name of Ashton, so I ‘m guessing it ‘s for her assistant or something.”

“I just went in Kylie’s house,” he said, noting that he was greeted by a man who walked him past the gate and “through this little pathway with like a river beneath it.”

Kylie shot a reaction video. She posted a video of her making a salami and pepperoni sandwich for Travis Scott. He reacted harshly to the driver’s intervention.

“No one comes through the gate! the river ?? no river. the lying for attention rubs me the wrong way sorry,” Kylie Jenner said in since-deleted messages. “I did not order this myself! he WAS tipped through the app. lied too about seeing through my windows and hearing my last cry (sic)??”

Travis Scott
Friction Between Travis Scott’s Spouse Kylie Jenner And TikToker

Travis Scott Fires Back After Being Criticized For Stopping Show

Travis Scott comes under fire after stopping a recent show out of concern for the safety of fans.

While performing on Coney Island during the Fourth of July vacation, the rapper noticed several concert attendees climbing a lighting pair of scissors and dangling over the crowd. After seeing the potential danger, Travis told them to go down while checking in to make sure they were okay.

Travis Scott Is Pretty Frustrated

But not everyone saw it as an act of compassion. The attorney for Astroworld’s youngest victim, Ezra Blount, told TMZ that Travis’ actions do not prove that he cares about safety.

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