‘Friday’ Star Faizon Love Talks About Dave East

Faizon Love, who played the Big Worm and co-starred with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in the original 1995 movie Friday, voiced claims that Dave East was a fake crp years ago.

In a recent interview with the Boss Talk 101 podcast, Fraison Love was asked why she continues to accuse the Harlem rapper of not being a legal member of a street gang.

“Dave East, I don’t know,” he said. “He just a kid. I call myself saving his life. I’m like, bruh. How are you a Crip? With the B-Dawgs, it’s a whole different thing. This ain’t the Boy Scouts. You didn’t grow up on my street. You have to grow up on your street. Ice Cube told you, ‘Die for a street they ain’t never heard of.’ So, it’s like, that’s the only thing — I was just trying to get some clarity like, how is he a Crip?”

Faizon Love
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Dave East Answers Faizon Love

Dave East, on the other hand, gave very meaningful answers.

“I ain’t gonna front,” he explained. “I asked the bro, like I do n’t know if I hit one of his joints. I don’t what I did. I don’t think he even got no bitches for me to hit. But my whole thing is like I never met you. This is my whole thing — like respect, bro. I ain’t got no problems with Big Worm. I ‘m not even gonna say his real name. Like you Big Worm at the end of the day. That’s all n-ggas know you by. I never met you. I never spoke to you. Never seen you.”

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He added, “I only seen you on Friday as a kid, and n-ggas fucked with you. I was a fan, like I liked your role in Friday. I was a fan of that. N-gga woke up one day and said, ‘Dave East ain’t no real Crip.’ Who told you that? You went and sat around and gave you that vibe?”

“Never spoke to him in my life” he added.

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