Future Covers GQ And Talks New Album

Future pulls out the first cover of GQ. Hailed by the magazine as “the best rapper alive,” the 38-year-old hitmaker remains a dominant force in hip-hop and fashion, showing off her designer with the looks of Dior, Saint Laurent and Valentino.

After eight solo albums, 19 solo mixtapes, one joint album, four collaborative mixtapes, two EPs and a soundtrack, the prolific MC continues to reign with his new album, which will be released on April 29.

“Because I’m happy,” Future says when asked about his longest break to date. “I’m really happy with life. And there was a time when I was just happy on stage and in the studio. It’s like it’s my escape.”


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Future won the top 1 on the Hot 100 last September as a guest on Drake‘s “Way 2 Sexy.”

“No matter when we work in the studio, on the level, in energy, we try to perfect these shits, but we still try to stay raw, still stay brave, and still move at the speed of the universe,” he says of Drake. “It’s something you have to work on, but it’s also something you have to find.”

In contrast, Drake praised his “Life Is Good” collaborator.

“He’s definitely a ruthless, spontaneous workforce,” he says. “And I am a calculated, purpose-oriented, militant individual. You take his free-flowing genius and mix it with my level of understanding and planning, and we can create almost everything together, like records, albums, singles.”

Future’s new album will feature Kanye West, but their friendship goes back a long way.

“Me and Kanye have always had an affair,” she shares. “But it’s hard for people to understand, because I don’t put everything on Instagram. Kanye flew me to Paris in 2011 or 2012 to study music. When I was discussing the clothing line before I came, the shoe business before I came. People don’t know I can go to her house and be pulled straight into the crim d’or. We just never talked about it.”

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