G-Eazy Gratitude His Fans With Instagram Post

G-Eazy is very pleased with the reactions to his album These Things Happens Too, which he released on September 21. Expressing his thanks to his fans with the video he shared on Instagram, the rapper talked about his happiness and his current mood.

G-Eazy came out with the new album ‘These Things Happen Too’, which is the sequel to the ‘These Things Happen’ album released in 2014. Geralt has written a lot of verses in connection with the past and the present on his new album.

G-Eazy Dedicates ‘Time’ Song To His Mother’s Deceased Lover Melissa

When GEazy’s parents separated, his mother started seeing a woman named Melissa. In the song ‘Everything Will Be OK’, he stated that he found this situation strange when he was a child, but over time he didn’t have a problem with that because it was the first time he saw his mother, who had been experiencing violence problems with her husband for years, so happy. When G-Eazy was 16 years old, Melissa, his mother’s lover, died in his room and Geralt found her body. G-Eazy, who hasn’t spoken openly about Melissa since his song ‘Everything Will Be Ok’, dedicated the song ‘Time’ from his album released yesterday to Melissa.

Here’s the verse that makes everyone sad in the song ‘I don’t know where to start But something told me, write this down and just speak from the heart It’s been fourteen years since I found you all alone in the dark But losein’ you brought us together when it could’ve tore us apart Mom still ain’t good, she misses you, she thinks ’bout you daily We got a dog after you passed, and she nicknamed her Missy She lives alone out in New Orleans, she always tells me she miss me’. And also the 2nd verse of the song is dedicated to Mac Miller

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