G-Eazy Mourns Over His Mother’s Death

G-Eazy was shaken by his mother’s death. The famous rapper mourns the passing of his mother, announcing on Wednesday that his mother, Suzanne Olmsted, passed away.

G-Eazy, who is still in great shock, did not hesitate to dedicate his heart to her while mourning his mother’s death.

“The tears won’t stop. My eyes hurt, my face hurts, my body hurts, everywhere hurts, ”he wrote alongside a series of photos of his mother throughout the years. “There’s no safe place to hide and there’s no way to lay, sit, or stand that doesn’t hurt. The pain is enormous. But I know you’re out of yours and that brings me peace. I love you so much.”

He went on to acknowledge his mom’s inspiring “plight to survive and protect us against all odds.” “You were the definition of super-human,” he added. “What you went through, the pain you endured, and the impossible adversity you faced will stay with me forever, deeply engrained in the fibers of my identity and being. You will always be my biggest inspiration.”
While G-Eazy didn’t say how he died, he relied on his mother as the catalyst that led him to rehab due to alcohol and drugs.

IG Post by G-Eazy

“As much as I was worried about you and your physical health, I didn’t realize how worried you were for me until you sent me the hardest letter I’ve ever had to read… Going to alcohol treatment and drugs was my decision, but it was your letter that finally convinced me.”

G-Eazy also shared a touching voice note from his mother telling her son how proud she is of him.

“Coming home to this wasn’t easy, and nothing will ever be moving forward… but like you would always say, ‘one step at a time and don’t look at the summit,’” he said.

G-Eazy and his brother, James, had a very close relationship with their mother and will keep the memory of her alive even though they are heartbroken.

“You loved your two boys more than life itself and we love you the same,” he said. “Luckily we have each other to hold and to lean on and that’s all that matters. Our hearts are broken, but they are full of love and gratitude for the life you gave us. With us always… we love you mom.”

G-Eazy received messages of support from fans and collaborators, including Demi Lovato, Bebe Rexha, and E-40, who shared their sincere condolences in the comments of the Instagram post.

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